Dumix Car Paint Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Salak South, Balakong

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Dumix PUR 200 2K Clear

Challenger Dupont Basecoat Lacquer

D340 Acrylic Lacquer

Waterbase Paint

Nissan Hitary Filling Putty

M6000 Wax and Grease Remover

Diamond/White Horse Brand QDS clear Set

Dumix 2K QDS Clear 100 4:1 Set

Dumix 2K MS Clear 210 2:1 Set

Dumix 2K HS Top Clear 300 2:1 Set

750P Respirator

Dumix All in One Cleaner

Machine Polish



Dumix A1 Thinner High Grade

DM5996 Dumix Superblack Medium Cut Paste

Nippon Automotive Refinish

Nexa Autocolor P396 Transport Finish

Satellite Products/ Primers

Dumix GP 929 Thinner Automotive Grade

Dumix 2K Thinner High Grade

Dumix Pink Lady Polish Wax

Paint brush

1 - 24 of 54

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